App of the Week


Microsoft created a great app for picture enthusiasts when they came out with Photosynth.  Photosynth lets you take panoramic pictures but in any direction.  Up, down, diagonal or even plain old sideways.

Microsoft made Photosynth user friendly.  Easy of use is extremely important with a camera app for a mobile device.

To start: you launch the app and tap the screen to start your collage

It takes a picture which creates your starting point

The green box lets you know your image is in line with your previous image.  You merely tap the screen to take another image or move the green box away from your image and Photosynth will take a picture to add to your panoramic picture.  You can press Finish and it will begin to stitch or connect your images to form a panoramic that no single photo could hope to capture.

Stitching usually takes a few seconds and if you’re impatient you can skip and stitch the image when you have more time.

Try the app out it’s free!