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AI in 2024 – A Look Back at 2023 and What We Expect in 2024

We’re already a month into 2024 and have received so many questions regarding how to implement AI. 2023 was a huge year for AI, with some pretty incredible leaps forward. We saw creative tools like Midjourney, Canva, Adobe Firefly, and Leonardo.ai use AI in awesome ways to create eye-catching visuals. And then there’s chatbots like ChatGPT, Jasper, and Bard – their smart conversations and vast knowledge are really changing the game. It’s been a groundbreaking year for tech, for sure. Last year was about getting to know the capabilities of the tools, and in 2024 we’ll see more and more businesses begin the process of implementation. Let’s take a look back at some of the tools that really blew us away last year. Then you’ll hear from the team on their AI expectations for this year!

Midjourney Led the Way in Image Generation

Midjourney really knocked it out of the park over the last year, zooming ahead with four major updates. They added some innovative art generation capabilities like inpainting, zooming, and permutation prompting, not to mention rolling out mobile apps and a snazzy new website. They’ve definitely secured their spot as a big player in AI image generation. Now, users can whip up super intricate and creative images in a ton of styles, and while there is a slight learning curve, it’s ridiculously easy to do..

Robot surrounded by wires and tech, AI, Midjourney image that is teal and p ink colors.

ChatGPT Vastly Expanded Its Knowledge and Abilities

ChatGPT really upped its game with some amazing upgrades, like GPT-4, which features a whopping 300-page context window for sharper, more on-point reasoning. They’ve added some nifty new tricks, too, like voice and image features, and even rolled in some of Dall-E’s magic. Now, ChatGPT can not only understand what you’re saying in natural language but also generate exciting images and maintain intuitive conversations. This combination makes interacting with it feel incredibly human-like.

Brain illustration with interconnected electronics and objects.

Jasper Brought AI Voice and Knowledge to Businesses

Over the last year, it has been a significant year for companies delving into AI, thanks to major innovations by Jasper They rolled out Jasper Voice, which is a game changer for businesses wanting to train AI chat agents that really match their brand’s style and know their facts. Jasper’s new Knowledge feature is a huge plus, letting users keep their info on products, customers, and positioning spot-on by storing verified details. And let’s not forget, Jasper jumped into the AI art scene too, launching some cool art generation capabilities.

AI Art generation capabilities with an abstract image that showcases the exciting possibilities that Jasper's AI system can bring to the creative world.

The Future Looks Bright with Bard

Google’s Bard really showed off over the past year, supporting programming in 18 languages and offering super helpful info extensions. This just goes to show how fast things are moving in the AI world. As these platforms keep growing responsibly and their capabilities expand, AI is set to totally change the way we create stuff, chat, and access information. Looking ahead, we’re talking about some massive impacts from AI across all sorts of industries, both in the recent year and beyond.

 bard as a conductor in front of an orchestra made up of different musical instruments which symbolize different programming language

Canva Design with Magic Studio

Canva‘s Magic Studio really shook things up with its suite of AI-powered tools. It’s brought the power of AI into every part of the design process. Imagine whipping up stunning visuals just from a text prompt, creating animations in a flash, or writing your first draft in seconds – that’s what Magic Studio does. It’s totally redefined both what you can create and how you do it. And the best part? It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned designer or just starting out – Magic Studio’s got something for everyone.

Canva's Magic Studio illustrated with large futuristic screens and people using smaller screens to edit drawings and graphics on the larger screens

Leonardo.ai AI updates

Leonardo‘s Realtime Canvas is revolutionary in the world of image-to-image transformation technology. This feature is all about turning doodles into dazzling artworks super fast, totally flipping the script on how we use AI to make images. Realtime Canvas gives you this awesome, super user-friendly experience, almost like you’re painting on a digital canvas. And check this out – it’s got an ‘Interactive Mode’. This is where the magic happens: every time you click, drag, or sketch, Realtime Canvas updates your artwork right away. It’s like watching your ideas come to life on the spot.

Side-by-side canvases, with the left one unfinished while the right one shows the finalized art completed in collaboration with the AI.

Adobe Firefly blurred Real and Imagined Adobe integrated powerful AI creativity into Firefly.

Updates like Photoshop integration. Text-to-image generation and the Image 2 model put professional-grade features directly into users’ hands through web and mobile access.

Ultimately, we’re optimistic. AI is helping us build stronger connections, understand our audiences better, and tell even more compelling stories. We just need to keep reminding ourselves: the heart of social media is still, and always will be, human.

What’s Ahead in 2024

We each wanted to share what we loved most about 2023 and what we’re looking forward to in 2024!

Katie Brittle – Director of Learning & Development

A woman with vibrant red hair and a warm smile stands in the foreground. She has a fair complexion and subtle makeup that highlights her gentle features. Her eyes are a light, welcoming shade, and her hair falls in soft waves around her face. She is wearing a light blue jacket over a white top. The background is a blur of colorful city lights that create a bokeh effect, giving the impression of a bustling urban evening scene.
Katie Brittle

Looking back on 2023, the buzz around AI was absolutely electrifying. Reminded me of the old days when hopping onto the internet became a thing for just about everyone. I’ve had a blast playing around with tools like Midjourney, Jasper, and ChatGPT. Who would’ve thought that I’d be whipping up Python scripts without being a coding wizard? It’s like we’re inching closer to having those snazzy, all-knowing computers from Star Trek – AI’s turning into this nifty sidekick that zips through our work and spices up our daily grind. Heading into 2024, I think we’ll see folks getting more into tailoring their own AI buddies, and less about wrangling with tricky prompts, thanks to AI getting smarter. I am pumped to see what’s next with motion graphics, and AI video. Especially with platforms like Runway ML leading the charge. Looks like it’s going to be a year of tech turning more fun, friendly, and a tad more futuristic!

Maricar Tayag – Creative Assistant

The image features a woman smiling gently at the camera. She has shoulder-length, light brown hair and is wearing a sleeveless pink dress with thin straps. In her arms, she is holding a bouquet of pale pink roses, and her posture suggests a relaxed and happy demeanor. The background is festive, adorned with pink and red balloons and hints of heart-shaped decorations, which could suggest a celebration or a romantic occasion such as Valentine's Day. The overall color scheme of the picture is soft, with pink hues dominating the setting.
Maricar Tayag

“The past year was such a delightful one for AI! I particularly enjoyed witnessing Leonardo.ai’s graceful movements come to life, as well as Bard’s talent for Excel expanding to the point where exporting creations became effortless. It felt like AI was finally finding its rhythm, learning to waltz with the complexities of our world.

Looking ahead to 2024, my heart flutters with anticipation! Imagine AI seamlessly weaving itself into the fabric of diverse professions, from lawyers crafting arguments with laser-like precision to social media platforms humming with intelligent interaction. It’s like AI is getting a fancy new toolbox, and I can’t wait to see what it builds! Of course, with such great power comes responsibility. I trust that stricter security and privacy regulations will be a gentle hand guiding AI’s growth, ensuring that everyone feels safe and respected in this brave new world. After all, the more we trust each other, the more beautiful the future we can create together. “

Nicole Donnelly – Director of Marketing and Sales

A confident woman with short, wavy blonde hair and a welcoming smile stands in the foreground. She has bright eyes and a friendly demeanor. She's wearing a smart, dusty pink blazer over a black shirt. In the background, there's an audience in a conference or event setting, with some people holding up glowing pink balloons. The crowd appears engaged and lively, contributing to a festive and interactive atmosphere. The woman's professional attire and poised stance suggest she could be a speaker or organizer at the event.
Nicole Donnelly

“There is so much to be excited about with the absolute explosion of AI in 2023! Jasper has really invested in improving their product to make it useful for teams and multiple clients. What’s on their roadmap for 2024 will change the way we do social media and content entirely…again. In 2023 with all of the new tools, it was really about accelerating the individual’s work and experimenting or playing around with different tools. Very few companies looked at it from a team or company perspective.

In 2024 I anticipate that companies will AI power teams to accelerate their work by department. Then, companies are going to see how they can accelerate their entire company with custom AI & automation integrations. Some companies are even going to do their own AI builds. We’ve been talking to some companies who can’t wait for things like Microsoft copilot to be broadly available so they don’t have to build their own custom AIs. And they’ll hold off on team acceleration until MS copilot is available. Can you wait? How can you empower your teams today? That’s the question we are asking and offering solutions to through our Applied AI courses. We’ll help you accelerate your teams’ efficiency and productivity and joy.”

Andrea Rickett – Director of Client Services

A woman with softly curled, medium-length brown hair is framed against a backdrop of large, sparkling purple and pink crystals. She wears a serene, thoughtful expression with a slight smile and her brown eyes gaze directly at the viewer. She's dressed in a teal blazer over a grey V-neck top, which contrasts with the vivid colors behind her. The lighting casts a warm glow on her face, enhancing the inviting and introspective mood of the portrait.
Andrea Rickett

“2023 was a great year for us creatives. AI got super good at making images and videos that looked totally real! The apps that were released early in the year were cool, but as the updates rolled in they just got better and better. Some creators are loving it, but we’ve gotta keep an eye on making sure the stuff stays original and everyone gets credit where it’s due. In my opinion you are only limited by your imagination and pushing the AI to it’s limits.

What’s coming up in 2024? Well, it looks like AI’s gonna be everybody’s new best friend at work. From handling some of our basic tasks like note-taking to enabling customer service to do more, AI’s about to make things a whole lot smoother and smarter. When businesses start getting their entire TEAMS on board with AI, you will really start to see some next-level efficiency! Making our lives and work easier, one smart robot at a time.  “

If you want to stay updated on the latest AI developments and explore how these innovations can impact your business or creative pursuits, be sure to visit AI Smart Marketing.