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I Sold My Soul For $.36 Cents

marketing, business, entrepreneurA little while back something happened. I sold my soul for thirty-six cents. Last year, a not-so-great experience at my former bank led me to BECU and I have been there ever since. My experience has been fine, nothing out of the ordinary, and better than where I left.

That is until the other day. A simple gesture that showed someone at the bank cared about me is all it took to take my experience from decent to spectacular and make a lifetime customer out of me. Basically, I had forgotten to switch the deposit I made into savings to checking and when a bill from Amazon went through, I over drafted by $0.36.

Rather than charging me the $39 dollar fee that other banks would, they simply transferred over the difference without even a fee or saying a word. In the past, a similar situation resulted in me paying about forty bucks for a pack of gum when I over drew. Helping me out didn’t cost them anything to do, but it obviously has me pretty stoked on them.

Since this happened I have been telling my friends about it and while I don’t think I have converted anyone just yet, the next time they think about it they will have it in their mind. If you haven’t read Ride Like a Penguin, I highly recommend it, in the book are tons of great strategies for making your business better and for getting others to tell your story. BECU rode like a penguin and it resulted in free press, free word of mouth, and the security of my business.

Doing simple things to show you care is winning business, take a look at BECU, some of the other companies we have done spots on, and check out Ride Like a Penguin for more ways to spread your word and do business in a way that makes our world a better place. We’d also like to show you how much we care, try one of our classes to start and get the Salty Waffle treatment!