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3 Quick Tools For Plugging Up Privacy Leaks In The New Facebook

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Afraid of being peeped on? Shore up your profile privacy concerns

It seems like every time they make a change to how Facebook looks and feels, there is a little bit of public image damage control to be done. With all the recent changes in the last ‘upgrade’, this time around is no exception. Here are 3 tools you can use to figure out just what everyone can see and stay on top of your Facebook image. Maybe this time you can bury all those unwanted photos and updates for good.


  1. Manual: If you already have the new ‘Timeline’ you have noticed that it’s really easy to find anything out about you just by surfing the newly organized wall. If you find something on there you don’t want to be public, you can click on the top right of the post and select to make the item not public. You can view these later but they will no longer be seen on your public Timeline.
  2. Timeline review: Being that it is so easy to find information on your new Timeline, you may want to take a proactive approach to what goes on it. Thankfully, Facebook built in something called Timeline Review. Once enabled you can review posts before they go public on your Timeline. How to…
  3. View As: Old faithful here. As you always have been able to, you can still navigate to you profile and click on the button in the top right to view your profile as anyone of you connections would see it. You can also select public to see which photos and wall updates are showing up to people you’re not connected with at all. Time to adjust those album settings to friends only!
There you have it, 3 quick ways to get back the shining, shimmering version of your online self. Did you get to your online blemishes in time or have you already caught some heat for an old update or photo? Share your privacy stories if you have them!