You are What You Publish is fun site that allows you to make word art out of RSS feeds or anything that you type in. I typed in and got the Wordle below. Apparently I talk alot about business and getting going and that’s just fine with me.

Several sites don’t have any feed and so they are not found. How do you suppose a social media firm is doing if they are not found online? Do you know where you are? What are you putting out there?

Comparing tweets and blog, I need to up my tweets to stay on message and attract the kind of followers that I want. I’m pretty happy with the abstract of this blog, though it looks like I need to post more about waffles! Here goes, Salty Waffle, Salty Waffle, Salty Waffle! If this changes the wordle, I’ll post it… wordle  Nicole Donnelly Twitter    wordle