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Why You Need An Effective Facebook Fan Page

Why You Need An Effective Facebook Fan PageAs a business professional you need to realize marketing is the lifeblood of your business.  Facebook Fan Pages are an efficient way to promote a business, brand, product, or service and the best part is they’re FREE!  In order to compete today you need to have a strong, professional social media presence and pages give you a tremendous opportunity to get feedback from clients and people interested in your brand.  Ignoring such valuable information can be detrimental to your company’s health and could lead to the wrong marketing strategy.  Additional benefits Fan Pages provide are:

  • Another avenue to reach your best customers and prospects.
  • Gain additional exposure for your brand.
  • Facebook pages rank highly in search engines.
  • Pages can easily go viral, especially with personalized Facebook Applications that automatically spread the word about your business, product or event.
  • Friends’ recommendations are hot leads.
  • Lets you create a powerful advertisement for your business.
  • Direct 2-way communication with your customers.
  • Increases the credibility of your business.
  • Creates a hot buzz.
  • Meet new people and expand and your following.
  • Reconnect with old customers.
  • Connect with people in your current network.

Unlike regular Facebook accounts where you cap out at 5,000 friends, Fan Pages have no limit on “Likes.”  You can also start gathering data about your customers with an opt-in box, which cannot be done with a regular account.  This helps you build your list of followers to distribute newsletters and use email marketing.

Angel Soria Internet Marketing Consultant Welcome PageKnowing how to create an effective Fan Page is the key to a successful Facebook Marketing Campaign.  A rockin’ design will capture the interest of visitors which increases the chance of getting them involved.  Technology is available that allows you to creatively make your designs unique, more engaging, interesting, and exciting than other Fan Pages.  You can also have a version of your website within your page that interacts with user profiles, which is a very cool tool!  Make sure your page has a lot of personality with visuals, text, and functionalities to make the page useful and impressive.

Once you create a Fan Page, it’s not set and forget.  It demands constant input on your behalf so make sure you maintain and enrich your page with content on a daily basis.  If someone has a question about your products or services, make it a priority to respond in a timely manner.  To generate user interaction post interesting and useful content, ask questions, and take polls.  This will keep people coming to your page over and over again.  When fans make comments, ‘Like’ your posts, and share your links it shows up in their news feed and gives you additional exposure to their friends.

This year Facebook will reach their one billionth user mark, which translates into a ton of people who could potentially see your Fan Page.  When done correctly Facebook Marketing can lead to a successful sales funnel that can help your business grow exponentially.  I hope you’re starting to see the importance of having an effective Fan Page.  If not, let me realize it for you and if you need more help, let me know.  I look forward to hearing about your online success stories.

Editor’s Note:  Angel Soria is an Internet Marketing Consultant, entrepreneur, and currently obtaining her Executive MBA at Fresno State.  For a free Influence Report, visit www.fresnolocalinternetmarketing.comFollow her @talk2angelsoria.