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Who Deleted Me? Facebook, Twitter

We have two very popular articles floating around about how to tell if someone removes (unfriends) you on Facebook, but we decided it is time for an update since changes to Facebook have broken some of those methods. We’re also going to throw in how to tell which of your Twitter followers left you and even after which of your tweets they did so.

who deleted me on facebook, who removed me on facebook, unfriend, salty, saltywafflewho deleted me on facebook, how to tell if someone unfriends you, how to see who removed me on facebookFacebook: So there used to be this Greasemonkey script that would track your friend list using your browser and then tell you when it changed, but since Facebook updated a while back, it isn’t working. Luckily, there is another solution that has been working great for us for the past few months. It is an app called who.deleted.me and using it is as simple as going to the site and logging in with your Facebook credentials. From that point on, who.deleted.mewill email you every time your friend list changes and you can click the link they send to see who it was that removed you.Twitter: For Twitter there a few great services for getting notified of a change in followers. The two we like the best are called Qwitter and TweetEffect. Qwitter works the same way as who.deleted.me, so all you have to do is log in to via Twitter and you’re set.

TweetEffect takes things to another level. This service actually informs you after which tweet you gained or lost followers. It is a nice tool if you’re trying to hone your Twitter messaging or if you think you might have offended people. You can use it to look back and see which types of tweets are gaining you followers and which are losing them.