What Is the Impact of Social Media on Large Healthcare Companies?

What Is the Impact of Social Media on Large Healthcare Companies?

Social media websites are now some of the most popular online, and as such many companies are now using social media to lure in potential customers. Because its ability to double as both an advertising and a customer interaction interface, social media has become especially useful for healthcare companies who want to help existing customers while outreaching to new ones.

How Do Healthcare Companies Use Social Media?

Healthcare companies can use social media in two ways: to get new clients and to keep current clients happy. Social media can be used in outreach, building a brand and building follower numbers by posting useful content. People worry about their health and the health of their loved ones, so much so that many follow healthcare companies to stay up-to-date on health issues that could affect them or their family. If they find the content useful, non-clients can be converted to clients as they build a positive image of the company.

To care for existing clients, healthcare companies often put out information about deals, new services and customer care. Healthcare companies can also reach out to clients to post information for them in the hypothetical, allowing them to converse without producing privacy problems.

Can Patients Benefit from Social Media?

It is becoming increasingly common for people to turn to the internet to find answers for their healthcare questions, and social media is no exception. Through social media, patients can learn about available services and get vital information about their illness just with the click of a button. These things might seem simple, but their effect cannot be underestimated. For example, things like Facebook support groups can help people to deal with their condition without them needing to leave the comfort of their home or even divulge their true identity. For those coming to terms with an illness, it can be an essential lifeline.

So is Social Media Good for Large Healthcare Companies?

In short? Yes. Social media is excellent from a marketing perspective as it helps you build brand awareness, get the word out about your company and repost positive customer testimonials. But it doesn’t stop there. As I’ve already noted, social media can lure in new customers but it also excels at keeping existing customers happy.

There are limitations. Privacy concerns in healthcare often prevent meaningful conversations over social media, and all the feedback posted may not be positive. But the benefits far outweigh the costs, and social media should be one of the many tools large healthcare companies use to advertise and grow and maintain their client base.


This guest post was written by Ashley Tumson, a small business advocate with a keen interest in environmentalism. She is occasional guest blogger and freelance writer in topics ranging from volunteering to social media marketing. She currently writes for Lenses Online, a New Zealand based provider of cheap contact lenses. Follow her rants on Twitter.