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What Can’t You Live Without? The Numbers That Tell Your Tale

numbers, ride like a penguin, We have talked a few times about resolutions being that it is a pretty fresh year still and today’s post might just be the most important one if you have some serious goals. Everyone has verying goals or resolutions, but a common trait amongst those with a vision: Numbers.

What numbers do you need to keep track of? Unfortunately, there is not a single answer that fits every business. Instead, you will have to determine what the things you want to measure are. To establish your KPI’s or Key Performance Indicators, ask yourself what activities are absolutely critical to your company’s success. What are those few simple things that you could not be successful without?

Whatever numbers your company needs to focus on, they need to be at the core of the business. A great example is SwankyMoms, they measure the number of affiliate links, community members, and sales in real dollars. Because SwankyMoms is a community based page, it makes sense for them to focus on numbers like these, the key is to establish the numbers that are critical to your own success.

Once you have established these numbers, know them. Whether you are looking for money, employees, or just want to have a reputation of being professional and prepared, you should know the latest KPI’s for your company at all times.

Staying abreast of your key indicators will make the big picture clearer. It will make decisions easier and you will know if your company is performing or not. These numbers will provide you with some indication of what the future holds, allow you to set specific and measurable goals, and give you a way to evaluate performance and even the overall value of your business.

Summary Ride Like a Penguin Chapter 9: What’s Measured Matters by Nicole Donnelly