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Up-Starts and Start-Ups: My Spanish Man Crush is Rafael Nadal and Why There is No Rest for the Weary

Buried in the hoopla of the first night back to Monday Night Football was the U.S. Open where Rafael Nadal was competing for histhird major this year. His post-match interview touched on his work ethic and his drive, all of which is strikingly similar to entrepreneurial ‘start-up mode’.

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From a young up-start that was told he could only win on clay, Nadal has fashioned a game that can beat anyone on any surface. The only reason he has been able to do that is because of his mindset; one that is always looking to improve and work at his dream. It is the same mindset that made it possible for successful entrepreneurs to get where they are. Companies like Teachstreet, Burro, and even other giant companies like Amazon only manage to do what they do because of a constant dedication to working hard and throwing the regular notion of nine to five aside.

As a start-up ourselves, we are of the mindset that there are no days off. We may not have a daily call on the weekends, but come Monday, its all about what we got done those two days ‘off’. One particular Monday, Labor Day in fact, we had our normal call. Nicole, our fearless leader, said “Thanks for calling in, there aren’t really any days off when you’re in start-up mode.” That was all that needed to be said and we moved on to attack the day.

The entrepreneurial game is one of constant reinvention, adjustment, and evolution. Nadal works every single day to craft his game as others try to beat him and tennis changes. At Salty Waffle, we work every day to produce new content, learn the latest methods, and impart knowledge in the most effective way to our clients. We know you are out there working every bit as hard and the thing we love about Salty Waffle is that our business is all about helping your business. (Let us help)

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And…while eventually you may not be called a start-up anymore, the truly great companies and entrepreneurs are the ones that never leave start-up mode. With the pun fully intended, start-up mode is balls to the walls.

Is it in you?