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Tulare Kings Hispanic Chamber Welcomes New Sponsor Angel Soria Internet Marketing

TKHCC Appreciates Our Sponsors BannerThe Tulare Kings Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is happy to announce they will be working with Angel Soria Internet Marketing – a local internet marketing consultant in connection with Intelligent Marketing Strategies of Boston, Massachusetts to revamp their website, social media, and online marketing campaigns to improve their visibility within Tulare and King Counties.  Soria, a new sponsor of the Chamber, was brought on to help them increase membership and create more awareness about the organization.

As part of this new campaign, the Chamber’s Facebook Fan Page has been updated with a customized cover image and they are currently working on designing an interactive Facebook Application that will appeal to potential members that are part of the Facebook community.  Soria will also be managing their social media campaigns, design email marketing campaigns, and formulate direct marketing messages to appeal to their ideal member.

Businesses who are tired of the same boring marketing strategy that is not getting them the results they desire turn to Angel Soria Internet Marketing to transform their business.  As an expert contributor for the Tulare Kings Hispanic Times, social author for www.saltywaffle.com, and obtaining her Executive MBA at Fresno State, she uses her wealth of knowledge of direct marketing combined with her passion for the internet as the future of marketing in the new economy to fuel her clients’ strategies.  If you are a business owner and you qualify to work with Angel Soria Internet Marketing, with her help you will dominate your market in 6 months or she will do your marketing for FREE until you do.

[Tulare Kings Hispanic Chamber of Commerce’s Customized Banner, above, designed by Angel Soria Internet Marketing, a division of Intelligent Marketing Strategies.]

TKHCC Welcomes New Sponsor Angel SoriaEditor’s Note:  Intelligent Marketing Strategies is a marketing strategy consulting firm located in Boston, MA.  We specialize in combing ageless marketing principles with new age technologies.  Visit www.facebook.com/IntelligentMarketingStrategies and www.facebook.com/AngelSoriaInternetMarketing for more information.  Follow us @IntellMarkStrat and @talk2angelsoria.