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Trick: Share Any Facebook Photo With Anyone

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Unlock Any Facebook Photo And Share It With Anyone

Ever run into the problem of sharing pictures from your Facebook with someone not on Facebook? (Yeah, there are still people who don’t have one) Or better yet, wanted to share a friend’s photo with a person who isn’t friends with them?

Well, here’s how to do both.

  1. The Non-Facebooker: To share one of your own albums with a another person, simply login to your Facebook and navigate to the album page in your photos. Scroll all the way down past the last pictures in the album. There will you find a little link that you can use to publicly share that album. It will look like this. facebook, share photos, salty waffle, album public facebook, share photos with someone who doesn't have facebook
  2. Share a picture with someone who doesn’t have permission to view it on Facebook: Sometimes you want to share a photo posted by a friend with another friend. The problem is friend #1 and friend #2 are not friends with each other. So here is how you get around that to share almost any photo on Facebook with anyone else you so desire.
  • First, go to the photo you want to share. Click refresh on your browser. This will remove the new Facebook photo slideshow viewer thing and take you to the old version of the photo and comment page.
  • Once you are there, right click on the picture and hit ‘Copy Image URL’ or whatever variation of the same command your browser uses. That will give you a link that you can paste in an email or chat to share with the world.
  • In the case that fails there are two back-up plans. First, you can right click the image and instead of trying to ‘Copy Image URL’ you can simple ‘Save Image As’ and then email that photo as you wish.
  • If that fails for some strange reason, you can get a little creepier and use a screen capture tool to select the image on your screen or use the old school ‘printscreen’ function on your PC to capture the image to your clipboard where you do with what you wish after that.

So there you have it, share wisely!