Thirst for Learning

According to Dr. Bell if an employee is proud of the company that they work for, the team that they work with, their boss, and the products of the company they will stay forever.

This note is on the white board in my office and has been there since last October when I attended the Bell Leadership Institute at the University of North Carolina.

I’m on my way to the second year of the EO Entrepreneurial Masters Program at MIT. When I return home, I’m sure that there will be some re-arranging of the info on the whiteboards!

If you can learn and implement ONE thing every 6 months, that’s a success. Some people can change more quickly, but to actually make newly learned skills a habit it does take time. According to Dr. Bell if you write your new intentions every day for one year, your brain will actually rewire itself to do what you desire.

Besides writing it, I’ve recorded what I want and put the mp3 in my iTunes library. Yeah, totally geeky, but it works. All through high school I would record the German that I was to learn each night and get perfect scores on our daily quizzes. It hadn’t occurred to me to do this with my business until just recently and what a difference.

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