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The business behind the Line: iPhone 5

First in line for Apple’s iPhone 5?

Apple Store Line UpApple Product releases may just be the new Black Friday!

You’ll be surprised at the perks that can come with waiting outside an Apple Store for the iPhone 5 with your sleeping bag.  Every Apple product release seems to turn into a news worthy spectacle.  Apple fans and enthusiasts rush to be among the first to get their hands on the latest Apple technology.  The iPhone 5 has topped them all with some lines forming a week in advance.

Novelty. Bragging rights. Reselling opportunities. Fame.

The reasons for waiting in an Apple line vary from person to person but the line ups draw attention.

Apple Store Line UpWhether it’s from people passing by or the Media, being among the first in line will get you noticed.  Some companies have started to use the line ups for new Apple products as marketing opportunities.

Apple Store Line Up, Zami, Hazem Sayed, Hazem Sayed at the Apple line upTake Hazem Sayed who payed a college student $900 dollars to take their spot for first in line when the iPad 2 came out.  Hazem Sayed, an Apple App developer, used his 15 minutes of fame to market his Apps and his company “Zami.”  $900 to ride the hype of Apple Mania.  Money well spent as the publicity resulted in: Press releases, interviews, blogs.

Even Fortune Magazine decided to write about the event!

If you can benefit from some publicity and have time to kill you might consider waiting in line for Apple’s next product launch.  Display your company logo on a laptop.  Wear a company t-shirt.  Accept an interview.  Pose for some pictures.

Waiting in line for Apple can be a lucrative opportunity.  Grab a board game, pack some food, get there early.  By my estimates it might be a 2 week wait next time!