Social Media Vocabulary: Trolling

Trolling.  Trollin’.  Troll.  Jimmy Rustling.

All of these terms mean one thing: getting a rise out of someone online.  There are a few different types of trolls, but the most common is a standard inflammatory troll.  He’s just like the class clown, only with more Google access and less on the line.  No faces = lower odds of being found out.

An example commenting troll:

Guy one: “I really like this song.   Thumbs up!”

Guy two: “Yeah, MY 12-year old daughter loves this song too.  You should ask your mom if you can meet us at the park for a playdate.”

That’s a very simple explanation.  And not even a good troll.

A better example would be pretending to be an American citizen in the Milk Wars, and telling Canadians to get back on their bears and ride home.

Things like that.


Keywords: Bellingham Costco milk wars