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Social Media Vocabulary: The 5 Top Web Hosting Services

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If you don't have a great host, your website could be in Jeopardy. Hehe.

If you tried to visit us earlier today and were greeted by an ugly error message, we’re sorry. We had some hosting related issues and our customer service experience with our provider was less than stellar.

Hosting is hugely important and since it’s so appropriate today, our social media vocabulary day will give you the top 5 based on customer service. If you hear someone throwing these words around out there online, now you know what they are talking about!

This information comes from an interview with our very own web development expert over at Odd Dog Media. His name is Lee and he has worked with countless services and clients. He prides himself on providing great customer service to Odd Dog’s clients and likes companies that do the same for theirs.

Here are Lee’s top 5 hosting services, if you’re in the market or have had trouble with your current host, check out his list, trust me, this guy knows his stuff.

  1. Rackspace: Rackspace and Media Temple are in a virtual tie at the top for Lee, but he says that Rackspace gets number 1 because of their cloud hosting offering and giving clients an ’empty box’ to do what they need to with.
  2. Media Temple: Media Temple is a close second and boasts high profile clients like Starbucks and ABC.
  3. Linode: Taking a look through Linode’s customer reviews supports Lee’s decision to put Linode on this list. They regard customer service highly and are quick to respond.
  4. Amazon Web Services: Amazon’s web hosting offering is easy to use, scalable, and a pretty good deal to boot. Their customer service team is fast and they have 99.95% uptime.
  5. Nexcess/Magento: According to Nexcess, “with plans starting as low as $6.95 (USD) a month*, you can get the same service, support and reliability as the big boys – without breaking the bank!”. Lee seems to agree and they round out his top 5.

Just in case you were wondering, Lee was instrumental in resuscitating Salty Waffle today and we thank him for his help with that, and of course his expert opinion on hosts. He hopes this list helps someone out there!

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Designer / Developer
Lee is the guy that puts the professional touch onto all the designs OddDog produces for its clients. He can usually be found applying his many years of print-design background to websites in the form of pixel-perfect designs, or geeking out over a server setup that is meant to eek out every last ounce of performance.