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Social Media Vocabulary: T-t-twitter Edition

social media vocabulary, social media classes, social media, twitterThis is a fun edition of our weekly social media vocabulary piece that will hopefully help to clear up some of the stammering that happens when you are trying to pick the right T-word with Twitter. 5 more social media vocabulary terms to take-in:

1. Tweep: One of your twitter people. Twitter + people = Tweep! This could be a follower or a person you follow, anyone that is part of your Twitter network.

2. Tweet: A 140 character or less status update. A form of micro-blogging but in the Twitter world its called a tweet. Just a short blurb about anything and everything from social media to ice cream.

3. Twittersphere: The huge floating cloud in the sky (well, cloud somewhere in a Silicon Valley server farm) that holds everything Twitter. The Twittersphere is made up of tweeps, tweets, and tweeters.

4. RT or ReTweet: When someone re-posts your tweet. This could be because they really like it and want to share it with their own tweeps. Generally, getting ReTweeted is a very good thing, especially when that tweet has a link you want people to see in it.

5. Twitterisms: all words Twitter! So any of these words and many, many more. With more to be invented I’m sure!

Thanks for stopping by the Salty Waffle, have a twitterific Tuesday! If you need help with other social media vocabulary words let us know in the comments or sign up for one our awesome in-depth social media classes.