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Social Media Vocabulary: 5 Tools For Tracking Social Media Sentiment

social media, social sentiment, measuring twitter sentiment, measuring social media sentiment, twitter, facebook, salty waffle, sweet or saltyThis week, social media vocabulary is taking a look at some tools that will help you take stock of your sentiment on your social networks. Are your tweets mostly positive? Mostly negative? These will look at Twitter so if you come across some others that focus on Facebook or others, let us know!

  1. Twendz: Twendz analyzes tweets around a particular search term that you enter [or your Twitter handle] and evaluates those tweets for topics and subtopics. When finished, it gives you a report on percentages of negative tweets, positive tweets, and neutral tweets. This helps you get a feel for the heat of the conversation surrounding whatever you searched.
  2. SocialMention: SocialMention is more than a tool for measuring social sentiment, it is also a great real-time search engine. Find those really active conversations and also look at a report on the sentiment of said conversation. Try out your Twitter handle in the search bar too and see what the sentiment around your name is like. Are your tweets and RT’s positive?
  3. TweetFeel: TweetFeel is a really simple tool for looking at sentiment. Put in a term and away it goes, giving you a simple report of how many tweets were positive and how many were negative.
  4. Twitrratr: Twitrratr is an awesome sentiment tracker. It gives you a simple column review separating tweets of a positive, neutral, and negative nature. It also goes one step further and highlights the word that made it read as positive or negative. This way, you can learn the words that trigger a negative sentiment and avoid them the next time if you so desire.
  5. Twitter Sentiment: Simply named, this simple tool does what the rest do, but with a couple bonuses. Twitter Sentiment displays information in graphical form and then lists the tweets that it used for the analysis right below the results.