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Social Media Vocabulary: Hot Social Sites With An Artsy Feel

There are a few sites right now you may have heard of, but a couple are pretty new so we’re featuring them this week in social media vocabulary. If you ever wanted a great way to visually collect interests and things on the web you think are awesome, try out one of these sites, they are surprisingly addictive.

social media vocabulary, piccsy, salty waffle, pinterest

  1. Piccsy: Piccsy is “…the scrapbook of everything you’ve ever thought looked beautiful.” With Piccsy you easily collect images from around the web to keep in your online scrapbook. It’s easy, it’s fun, and your Piccsy page is a great place to build up collections of beautiful things you can keep forever.
  2. Pinterest: Literally, pin + interest. You have to request an invite to join at the moment, but once inside Pinterest you can create a virtual pinboard where you can collect anything and everything from the web. If you’re interested in it, put a pin in it.
  3. Instagram: Instagram is a really quick way to share your iPhone photos with friends. You snap a picture, put a filter on  the image to make it look cool, and then share it.