Social Media Vocabulary: Give Me S’MO

It’s Tuesday again already and that means more social media vocabulary from Salty Waffle. Enjoy!

social media vocabulary, social media, twitter1. Vlog: A vlog is simply a video blog. The word blog comes from weblog so with video, we smashed it all together to form vlog. Pronounced \ˈvlȯg, ˈvläg\.

2. WordPress: WordPress is an open source Content Management System (CMS) most often used for publishing blogs. It provides a simple user interface that non-technical people can use with relative ease and it works well with most web applications and widgets. It is the most popular CMS in the world. We use it here at Salty Waffle and we love it!

3. SMO: Stands for Social Media Optimization and is an insanely broad term that applies to basically anything you do in the social media world to attract people to content. The focus is on networking and word of mouth and works for organic growth vs. pay-per-click or other paid advertising methods.

4. Feed: Feed isn’t just a term that applies to social media, but in the social media world it applies to areas where information form your social network gathers and is presented. For example, your Facebook feed shows you updates from friends regarding anything from events to new pictures. Feed may also refer to an RSS Feed (Really Simple Syndication) which makes it easy to publish, collect, and keep track of multiple sources of many types of content.

5. DM (Direct Message): A ‘DM’ comes from the world of Twitter where the default method of communication is a public tweet. By contrast, a Direct Message is a private message from one person to another that others on Twitter cannot see.

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