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Social Media Vocabulary: Fresh From Canada

social media vocabulary, social media, facebook, canada, whistler, salty waffleFreshly back from from Whistler, I thought today’s edition of social media vocabulary should feature some interesting words they toss around in the Great White North. In particular, these are some of the most popular social networking sites in Canada. Go Maple Leafs!

  1. Club Penguin: Club Penguin is the first of a few different virtual world type of social networks that our Canadian friends enjoy. Just pay for a membership and use your penguin avatar to waddle around, meet new friends, and play online games.
  2. Badoo: Badoo is a site that is also fairly popular in the United States, but is the clear number one online dating site in Canada. A profile allows you to ‘chat, flirt, and socialize.’
  3. IMVU: IMVU is a social network based on a virtual world. Much like Second Life, you create an avatar and navigate a computer generated world while interacting with other people in the game. This was one of the top 10 sites in Canada in 2010.
  4. Moshi Monsters: Moshi Monsters is a game and social network aimed at children. You tend friendly little creatures and can communicate with others in the network. There are games, chat, and even a store to buy things for your Moshi.
  5. Habbo: Habbo is yet another social network based around a virtual environment. This one puts a hotel at the center. You create and avatar and then check-in to the hotel and interact with all the other people in the network.

Canadians love their social networking it seems, especially when gaming is added on top of it. We hope you have a great Tuesday, as always please feel free to ask about any term you are snagged on and we’ll do our best to find out what it means. A warm thanks to our friends up north as well!