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Social Media Vocabulary: Disease and Disorder Edition

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Aww, he's got social media anxiety disorder

It’s Tuesday already again and you know what that means; social media vocabulary from Salty Waffle! Today’s list is interesting, it highlights 5 different disorders and diseases that one may suffer from in the world of social media. Don’t worry, you won’t catch anything!

  1. Social Media Anxiety: A fear of communication social media sites. Severely cripples one’s ability to communicate through social media channels and is driven by a fear of being judged poorly by peers.
  2. Social Network Exclusion Anxiety: A fear of being left out on a social network. Missing a conversation or not being invited to an exclusive social media driven event may create or compound this anxiety.
  3. Post-posting Traumatic Stress Disorder: Stress after posting something to a network. This could be a blog post, status update, or even a tweet. The pressure to make sure it is just right can be immense, thus the Post-posting stress.
  4. Obsessive Compulsive Refresh Disorder: A potentially time consuming problem that leaves you constantly refreshing the page checking for new content.
  5. Twitter Rage: Any anger stemming from a Twitter experience. Ignored tweets, slow connections, or fail whale could be the source.

Any social media problems of your own? Maybe we can help!