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Social Media Vocabulary: Some Abbreviations

Welcome to Salty Social Media Vocabulary, a weekly series where we cover everything from popular abbreviations and hashtags, to trends and jargon. Because there’s a lot to cover (after all, the internet is big AF) we’ll be adding more every week.

ICYMI: In Case You Missed It. Pretty self-explanatory.

TBT: Throwback Thursday (sometimes also used as Throwback Tuesday) is used to share a older photo, video, or other memory.

OTD: On This Day is not dissimilar to TBT, although it is generally used to share past events that have greater historical (i.e., not personal) significance.

WCW: Woman Crush Wednesday, wherein users share content related to a woman on whom they, well, have a crush.

TLDR: or TL;DR is short for “Too Long; Didn’t Read” can be used to indicate that the content in question is: too verbose; that the responder merely skimmed it and is prefacing a truncated response; the responder simply doesn’t have time to read the entire original post. It can also be used after a rather wordy post to indicate 👉👉THE SUMMARY IS RIGHT HERE 👈👈

It’s worth noting that all of the above also double as #hashtags because internet. What are some of your favorite abbreviations? Tell us in the comments! See you here next Tuesday for more social media vocab.