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Social Media Square-Off: Bieber vs. Gaga

The reigning King and Queen of Twitter are still Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga, but just who actually holds the top spot in the kingdom of social media? Let’s take stock and crown a ruler. Will it be the young heartthrob or the ‘Fame Monster’?

  • YouTube: We’re calling this one a tie. Both have surpassed 1 billion views and after a billion, who really cares? Gaga was the first to get to a billion, but she had a bit of a head start. They both sit at over a billion views now, with Lady Gaga just ahead of Bieber’s count. If it weren’t for the fact that Bieber owns YouTube’s most viewed video ever, this may not have been a tie.
  • Twitter: Looks like Twitter is going to Gaga. She has 10,826,130 followers while Bieber has only a piddly 10,312,774. Bieber does keep his fans more entertained though, with almost 11 times more total updates. (9,413 to Gaga’s 862).
  • MySpace: Gaga is getting another one. Comparing the personal Myspace of each, not the music pages, Gaga clearly dominates. She has (only) 286,000 more friends, but commands a whopping advantage of 35.8 million in total profile views.
  • Facebook: Boasting 29,468,057 fans on Facebook, Bieber….still loses to Gaga. She has 37,812,100 fans of her page and way better profile picture…maybe.
  • Social Games: Gaga gets this one too. I mean, she has her own game called Gagaville within the famous Farmville world. Search Justin Bieber games and you might not like what you find.
  • Movies: Ok, so I know this one isn’t really social media, but I had to throw Bieber a bone. He does have his own 3D movie experience thing going on so that’s something right? Score one here for the Biebs.

So, with a score of 4 to 1 and one tie, Gaga takes the social media crown.

A crown only Gaga could wear

Don’t take it too hard Bieber, Gaga’s got it going on and you’re getting there. I’d recommend a redesign of the bottle your new line of perfume comes in for reasons I can’t say, but you still have Gaga’s ‘expensive hooker‘ scent beat in my book. Doesn’t seem to matter to Eminem though, he hates you both equally.

Well, maybe someday Bieber and his teenage fan group will take over Gaga’s kingdom of monsters, who knows? Never say never right?