Social Media Photo Sharing Tool: 10 Flickr Facts

social media, salty waffle, social media faith, social media faith based organizations, social media church, social media share, social media community, social media flickrFor all you photo fans, Flickr is an awesome social media site! Whether you want to share photos of your church’s Sunday service, show some pics of an outreach project, or photo’s of missionaries in the field… whatever it may be, Flickr is for you. Here are some cool features of the photo sharing site:

1) Share A Complete Story. With Flickr can do extreme photo organizing. The site allows you to add rich information to each photo, such as location, tags, and descriptions. You can use all these features to tell a story with your photos. In addition to this your viewers can write comments to fill in the gaps of the story you missed.

2) Share To Different People. Flickr allows you to decide who sees your photos on a photo by photo basis. Each photo has a different privacy setting.

3) The Guest Pass. With the use of a Guest Pass, users can allow any one particular person access to a set of your photos. This way you can share private photos with only certain people. If by chance, you decide you don’t want to share anymore, all you have to do is expire the guest pass.

4) Photos for Your Site

  • Flickr Badge: allows you to create a badge to post onto your website that displays your photos.
  • Slideshow: similar to the badge, Flickr allows you to create photo slideshows to put on your site.
5) Watch The World – Flickr also has some interesting photo galleries for users to check out. Current Event photos like the Space Flight Center and the White House are available. The Commons is another cool place to see interesting photos including The Library of Congress, The Smithsonian, The New York Public Library and The U.S. National Archives. If you are interested in a certain place, you can explore through photos! If there is something your looking for that is not there, start your own gallery!

6) Back Up Your Photos. An app developed by a Flickr user called Bulkr allows users to backup their photos from Flickr onto their computer. To save a photo on your computer you no longer have to download one at a time. Bulkr allows you to backup your entire photostream with the click of a button!


7) Quick Sign In. When signing up with Flickr it is simple because you can sign in using your Facebook or google profiles.

8) Easy & Integrated Upload. In addition to the way to upload below, you can also add photos on Flickr through third party programs like Aperture, iPhoto, Picasa, and Windows Live Gallery.  

9) Central Hub for Photo Sharing. Upload your photos once to Flickr, then share them through Facebook, Twitter, email, blogs and more.

10) Mobile apps. You can upload any time you snap a shot because of Flickr’s mobile apps, like the one with the new Windows Phone 7