Social Media Is Now A Customer Support Life Saver

Dealing with customer complaints is just one of the many different issues with running a retail business. Being prompt in resolving it is key to happy customers, and with todays social media tools you can tackle them quickly and efficiently. Customer service is time consuming for any retail business. It seems to take up time that you don’t have, and usually runs in a repetitive cycle. Same question different day. Don’t you think it’s time to make life easier for both you and the customer by answering these common questions once and for all.  social media, social, media, retail business, retail, customer support, business

Placing a page dedicated to common questions on your website will nix a high amount of those time consuming phone calls and emails. Make the ‘Common Questions’ page clearly visible on the home page. Once there, nothing is more frustrating than having difficulty navigating a page that’s supposed to help you. A way to make it user friendly is by numbering and/or alphabetizing the questions. Try making this process as painless as possible.

Also, encourage your customers to ask questions on your Facebook business page. Reason being, once they post it there, other customers visiting the page will see the wall posts. This will dramatically cut down your need to answer those repetitive questions.

Time to take a look at your website and Facebook page, and make sure you’re answering the customers common questions so you can spend more time on making money!