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Social Media Integration: Key Vocabulary

dynamic SEOSocial Media Integration is when you use social media outlets to enhance internal or external communication. There are many terms to describe each aspect of the integration:

Social Media Marketing: Initiating and participating in relevant conversation online in order to divert traffic to your site.

Social Media Advertising: Paying for people to post articles, tweet, etc. on your behalf; paying for static advertisements on social sites, including message boards, Facebook and forums.

Digital PR: Abbreviated press releases that include embedded links, images, and video along with short text.

External Social Communication: Any conversations that happen on public social networks; companies would be wise to organize an External Social Communication plan, because it’s happening even if you don’t yet know what they are saying.

Internal Social Communication: A company hosted social platform upon which all employees of an organization can engage; this can be a powerful change to increase efficiency in an organization.

Dynamic SEO (search engine optimization): The result of ranking higher in organic searches for your key words through producing fresh, relevant content on your website and other social networks.

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