Social Media E-commerce: Sell Directly On Facebook

Learning to use social mediums like Myspace and Facebook to help promote your business to customers is critical nowadays. These tools let you update consumers instantly with new product or sales with just a click. Social media has always been a powerful tool for driving sales, but now you can sell to customers directly on Facebook.

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Are you making money ON Facebook?

E-commerce sites are popping up on both Facebook and Myspace for businesses trying to reach out to even more potential customers. You can launch a free store on Facebook, which is powered by Payvment. Since over 1 billion conversations are happening daily on Facebook, it is a great place to gain exposure for your new product line! Myspace also lets you add an e-commerce site to its page which allows customers to buy directly off your fan page.

The downside about selling your product on a social media site is the potential for dissatisfied customers to post bad reviews directly on your profile. So, if you decide to go this route, make sure you pay extra attention to making these customers happy. Retail business is all about getting your products in front of the right customers, so learning to use these tools is an easy way to increase revenue.