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Sizing Guide to Profile Pictures and Avatars

Gone are the days when you could use one profile picture for all of your social media sites.  Now there are banners, backgrounds, avatars, and profile pictures all in different sizes, all of which have their own dimensions. This can make uploading pictures and customizing your social media sites a real pain sometimes.  To help you out though, we’ve compiled the dimensions of the most popular social media sites profile pictures and banners. All dimensions shown are in pixels.

Timeline Cover: 851 x 315
Profile Picture: 200 x 200
App Boxes: 111 x 74

Background: 2000 x 1200
Profile Picture: 128 x 128

Profile Avatar: 200 x 200
Company Page Banners: 640 x 220

Avatar: 1600 x 1600
Channel Background: 1500 x 2000 W x 1200 x 2500 H
*variable due to screen resolution

Avatar: 180 x180
Max size of pinned images: 554 x 5000