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Salty Social Media Vocabulary: More on That Customer Journey

Last week we talked about building customer journey maps, and how they can help you understand your business and improve the customer experience. This week we’re covering a few related topics that we use at Salty Waffle to help our clients improve their customer experience.

  • Experience Map: is a slightly more nuanced take on the customer journey map. Whereas the customer journey map tracks customer points of contact with a brand, the experience map also maps the customer’s potential interaction outcomes at every point of contact with your brand.
  • Storyboard: or storyboarding is the creation of a visual sequence to illustrate a user’s interaction with a product or service. Storyboarding helps design teams both understand use cases for their products and HCI. Speaking of HCI…
  • HCI: Human Computer Interaction is the design, planning, and study of the interaction between users and computers. HCI is related to UXD, but whereas UXD often refers to the software and hardware experience, HCI specifically refers to how users interact with hardware. We’ve talked about the complicated relationship between UXD, CXD, and product design before; we’d recommend checking out that particular entry in the social media vocabulary catalogue.

Who knew that customer experience was so complicated (spoiler: we did)? Come back next Thursday to learn even more about all things customer experience and social media.