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Salty Social Media Vocabulary: Clicky-Clicky Edition

It’s Tuesday again (already?), which means it’s time to learn more social media vocabulary with us at Salty Waffle. Last week’s post was a beast, so we’ve decided to tackle some slightly less complicated (albeit equally important) concepts today.

KPI: “Key Performance Indicator(s),” are the specific metrics a team plans to measure in order to indicate the success or failures of a campaign. Ideally KPIs should strongly influence the advertising portion of any campaign.

CPC: “Cost Per Click,” refers to the price paid by an advertiser for each click received on a particular ad.  

CTR: “Click-Through Rate” is a means to measure ad engagement, usually the number of clicks an ad receives divided by the number times the ad has been shown. Mathematically speaking: CTR=(Total Measured Clicks/Total Measured Ad Impressions)x100

CPM: “Cost Per Impression,” usually refers to “cost per thousand impressions,” and is essentially the amount an advertiser pays for 1000 views of their ad.

CTA: “Call to Action,” is a charge, instruction, or call to provoke an immediate response from the audience. A CTA can be as simple as “call now”, “learn more here”, or the ever-classic “buy now.”

CTA? CTR? WPM? NSFW? So many acronyms! Were you already familiar with some of these? Any other topics you’d like us to explore next week? Let us know in the comments. Come learn more with us again next Tuesday.