Ruby Press: Do You Look This Good?

When I met Ruby of Ruby Press I was immediately intrigued by her business model, story, and values.

Ruby began about four years ago when she decided to leave the rat race, so to speak, and put her background in design to use creating custom letterpress prints. She will quickly tell you of her passion for paper that drives her to create the works of art she now sells through her storefront on Etsy.com.

She couples the modern with the antique; a juxtaposition of modern eco-friendly trends and old school printing techniques and equipment. In her business, customization and looking good are the keys. A quick visit to her website and even her custom page on Etsy will prove she knows all about how to look good and keep what she creates in line with the values she set out with on her adventure with Ruby Press.

We have talked in the past about how looking good and crafting a genuine image will attract like-minded customers to your product. Ruby could be the case study for a well done example. Everything from her logo, to her storefront, to her webpage, give the same, genuine vibe that motivates her. She has put into words the essence of what she does and why she does it.

This is what ‘looking good’ is all about; her actions, goals, and motivations all come from a pure place and she has found a way to share that place with all her customers from whom she has never failed to earn ‘100%’ positive feedback from. From her antique equipment, to her carbon neutral air filtration system; all the way down to her bio-diesel powered Mercedes, all that Ruby does is Ruby Press.