Reverse Writers Block For Your Retail Business Blog

Using blogs as a social media source is a great way to get your retail business noticed. Curating new, relevant content sometimes comes easy, and other times it feels like the world is going to end. Luckily, for the times you couldn’t come up with an article to save your life, there are a couple tips I’ve used that will help get that pen on the pad. social media, writers block, blog, retail, business, retail business

The name of the game in internet blogging is creating fresh and original content. Google is all about catering higher SEO to those who provide high quality blogs for their followers. There are other social media tools to push your content out to people, but blogs seem to be the best. They provide an easily accessible hub that if it has great content, your community will check daily.

So, how do you keep that content unique and original?

Keep it relevant

Keep your eyes on the lookout for any news event that will get a lot of attention. The recent rapture is a great example. It stirred up peoples interests and became a highly searched keyword. Think of ways to tie your retail business into current events and reap the benefits of relevant and highly viewed posts.

Only the best content

Yes, post often, but lousy content will turn followers away. I use my smart phone and when I think of a great topic to write on, I jot it down on my notepad. There is nothing worse than having a great idea, only to get home and forget it. Even if you have a great memory, get into the habit of writing ideas down. You’d be surprised how quickly you you build up a bank of great content.

Learn from others

Search to see what others are writing about. A lot of times I get ideas from reading other blogs and building off of their posts. It’s also a great way to stay relevant in your community.

Now that you have some great ideas to start creating great blogs, open your blogging platform and have at it!