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PR Fireworks: Art of the Trade Show

So you’re taking your show on the road, hitting up all the trade shows, seminars, and events you can think of that has to do with your industry. Hoping to find new leads, great contacts, and that priceless exposure, you take to the air and tirelessly work all the trade shows you can. The shows could end up providing you with a huge opportunity to grow your business and in keeping with this month’s PR Fireworks theme, we have some tips to help you out with your booth.

1.       Keep a notebook: There are tons of details, contact information, dates, conversations, and moving parts you need to keep track of. Maintaining a notebook with the important information related to your trade show adventure could end up saving you when someone asks you for a tracking number or confirmation code.

2.       Set goals: Set very clear goals for what you want to get out of the event so you and your employees can stay on the same page.

3.       Read the program: Know the trade show schedule, list of speakers, and other companies with booths; Doing so will allow you to be in the right place in the right time.

4.       Watch deadlines: Submit early and make sure your applications complete. There are almost always penalties for applying late so save money and headaches by planning early in the year.

5.       Keep it close: Keep all of the absolutely necessary documents with you at all times, even during travel. If shipping or luggage transfers fail, you will still have the minimum you need to get in and at least scramble to save your booth.

6.       Staff the booth: Always, always, always have someone at the booth.

7.       Work the floor: Leave time for you and your employees to make contacts and interact with other professionals at the show, these connections could end up being extremely important.

8.       Follow up: Fast. If someone is interested take an interest in them and get back to them quickly.

9.       Business cards: Take more than you think you need.

10.    Evaluate: Take stock of how the show went and recognize accomplishments and opportunities for improvement.