Part 2: Is Your Social Media More Quality or Quantity

In the first part of this series, we took a look your Facebook Fan Page to make sure your business page was up to par. Since you’ve cleaned up your fan page, you’re ready to move on to another important social media outlet, Twitter. This tool is excellent for increasing your retail exposure, but you have to use it correctly to gain maximum ROI.

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Revamp your Twitter account.

If you currently have a Twitter account, you hopefully you have followers and are following a few people. If you’re new and don’t have one set up, this is a great opportunity to have the experts at Salty Waffle help you get all the information you need to be successful. Our main goal is to reach out to more than your current following. Engaging daily with your followers is important, but reaching out to new, potential followers is important in increasing business.

Learning about who is in your demographic is simple and useful in driving your tweets to the right places. A great tool is Twitter Searches. It lets you search for keywords that are relevant to your retail business. Including a ‘?’ shows posts that have question marks, which gives you a great opportunity to voice your expertise on the subject. Using this tactic will help you gain followers quickly.

Now start listening to the Twitter streams. Using this tactic will help you gain followers quickly once you start voicing your opinion you’ll build your reputation as an expert in the field. What a simple to increase your retail exposure.