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Pace Picante Twitter Mess

Pace picante had a big mess because they automated there Twitter account and no one person was caring for their followers. Their reputation has been harmed and it looks like they don’t care for their customers. Caring and acting like you care are two separate things. I care about my teeth I love my teeth so for me the actions of care are brushing my teeth 2-3x every day, flossing twice today, wearing my retainer every night, and using mouthwash. I don’t want my teeth to fall out, I don’t want cavities, I like how straight they are. So I care for my teeth. I care for them with action not just saying that I like my smile.

How do you show your care? Do you have systems of care for your customers on all social networks? Do you have systems to care for your employees?

If not, it’s time that you do.

Here’s the mess Pace Picante Salsa got in on Sunday.