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On Second Thought, Maybe Women Are Actually Better At Twitter

Last week, we shared some interesting social network statistics about men and women on Twitter. The first question a bunch of people had was, wait, isn’t how people use Twitter more important that the number of followers they have? Going along with that, we did a bit of research sticking with the gender angle and found some great information courtesy of Dan Zarella.

It seems that even though men share more original tweets and raw number of links overall, the women are the ones retweeting and really spreading the news around the twittersphere. It was also interesting that women were more influential in more categories of content than men, dominating Entertainment, Instructional, News,  and the Products spectrum of Twitter conversation.

Men stuck to the Opinion and Small Talk types of tweets. This begs the question: Is it an ego thing with men on Twitter? They like talking and sharing their own links, but don’t like spreading other people’s? The data seems to point that way. What do you think it is? The only category with any meaningful retweet numbers for men was the Opinion category and one could argue that its because they want to retweet those that agree with them and not much else.

So, why is it that women so much more willing to retweet and spread more varied content? Is Twitter showing us the fundamental differences in the way genders communicate? Hunter vs. Gatherer? Venus vs. Mars?

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