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My SEO Quest | Defeat New Zealand: The Conclusion

Well, my grand quest to defeat the other ‘Mitchell Cuevas’ from New Zealand through SEO tactics turned out to be more of a massacre than the battle I expected. I have Salty Waffle to thank for the fact that today, well before the end of the year, New Zealand has fallen.

I searched my name a few weeks ago (search yours!) and was elated to find that Salty Waffle’s own Mitchell Cuevas has taken command of the Google results. Now, the 3 key things that made that possible:

  1. Fresh content: All the content that is posted to Salty Waffle with my name attached drives up results for my name, it will do the same for your website!
  2. The new Google webcrawler rewards fresh content even more now.
  3. Linking of profiles: Give yourself those valuable linkbacks! Post links from each of your profiles to all of the others. (Since re-doing and linking in my MySpace it has gone from the second page to fourth in the results.)

Judgment day has come, New Zealand is terminated. It is no time to rest, however, fresh content is the key to staying on top. Keep creating that content, engaging your audience, and getting yourself found. If SEO or content is something you are struggling with, the waffle is here to help, sign up with us and Ride Like a Penguin.