Monday Bloody Monday

Don’t ask for engagement on a Monday people ARE actually working or catching up on what they put off during the weekend. Monday I posted HIRING HIRING and got no responses! Not one and I reposted 4 times, then on Tuesday the day of media consumption 8 immediate hits. They have been rolling in since.

Do you pay attention to when people pay attention to you and your message? Are you wasting carbon dioxide or keystrokes trying to reach your peeps when they don’t have the time to focus?

When you measure the return of your efforts you can get more efficient at everything that you do. It’s so easy to do this online with so much tracking information available. When do emails get opened? Tweets get RTd?

Play with this and see who responds when and to what. I posted a business article on my blog and it was all people from high school that responded then I posted a personal story and it was all business owners that liked and responded to it. Go figure.

Every time you open your mouth you’d better be providing value to somebody or they’ll stop listening and move on.