Mitchell Cuevas and Angela Ishmael Celebrate 1 Year With Salty Waffle!

Salty Waffle had another social media class going at thinkspace in Redmond, WA. All of the smart people in the room reminded me of how far we’ve come since last year when we had our first training with Mitchell Cuevas and Angela Ishmael. It’s been amazing to see how they first learned intellectually and now this social lifestyle is an everyday routine. I can’t get enough of these Gen Y’s.

Angela Ishmael, Social Media Community ManagerDid you know that there are more Gen Y’s unemployed than in any other generation by at least 20%. Why don’t you older, more experienced people take the time to train these brilliant young ones? This generation of digital natives can learn so fast it would knock your socks off. That’s why they won’t be sticking around doing the same task day after day, they need new challenges.

With a little social media training, accountability, and reward, you can have yourself a real rockstar that will surprise you with their creativity and mass amounts of content.

Thank you Angela Ishmael and Mitchell Cuevas for all of your hard work and awesome attitudes!Mitchell Cuevas, Salty Waffle Social Media Intern