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Uncover AI Innovations: Penguin Robots and Apple iPad Pro

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This Week’s Insights 📰 

Penguin-Inspired Underwater Robot

Check out EvoLogics’ sleek Quadroin AUV—it’s not your average underwater robot. Rocking a penguin-inspired look that’s not just for show, this speedster is built for agile deep-sea ballet. Packed with top-notch sensors and AI smarts for dodging underwater obstacles on the fly, this machine is all about capturing the ocean’s secrets with its side-scan sonar and dual HD cameras. This robot was just upgraded with an expanded payload and next-gen components to optimize performance.

Apple’s New AI-Focused iPad Pro

Apple’s revving up its game with the new iPad Pro, sporting a mighty M4 chip dubbed “outrageously powerful for AI.” As the tech wars heat up, this beast of a processor is geared to bring generative AI features alive, with capabilities like isolating subjects in 4K videos on a whim. With its release, Apple not only promises thinner, more vivid OLED displays but also sets the stage for a tech showdown at its upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference, where more AI innovations await.

Autonomous Driving Company Raises $1 Billion

Wayve, a startup in autonomous driving from the UK, just nailed a colossal $1.05 billion in Series C funding, marking the largest AI fundraising feat in the UK to date. Spearheaded by SoftBank, with backing from heavy-hitters like Nvidia and Microsoft, Wayve is ramping up its game-changing “Embodied AI.” This system learns from real-world driving rather than following rigid rules. Plans are underway to expand globally, enhancing products from assisted to fully automated driving. Wayve is setting its AI sights on broader robotics applications, promising a future where intelligent machines enhance our daily lives. Kentaro Matsui, managing partner at SoftBank Investment Advisers and a Wayve board member, said: “AI is revolutionizing mobility … The potential of this type of technology is transformative; it could eliminate 99% of traffic accidents. SoftBank Group is delighted to be at the forefront of this effort with Wayve, as advanced intelligence redefines mobility and connectivity, contributing to a more convenient and safer society.”

Using AI to Give a Voice to Those Who Have Lost Theirs

Country music icon Randy Travis returns with a poignant new single, “Where That Came From,” his first in over a decade, thanks to artificial intelligence. Following a severe stroke in 2013 that left him with limited speech, Travis and his team collaborated to recreate his celebrated vocal tone using AI. This track, emerging from a blend of Travis’s classic voice and innovative technology, not only marks a significant comeback but also sets a hopeful precedent for the use of AI in recovering artists’ lost abilities. The song, infused with genuine emotion and Travis’s signature style, offers a glimpse into the promising fusion of technology and human creativity in music.

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AI Lab Visual Vault 🖼️

Use Case: Creating images with the intention of adding motion to them.

When creating an image that you want to add motion to, we try to envision the type of motion we want to display. For example, we created a coffee cup filled with a galaxy and wanted the galaxy to move in a swirling motion.

We created the image in Midjourney then moved the image to the app Motionleap where we can select the areas of the image we want to move and what direction we want it to move in.

Tools We Used This Week 🧰

Motionleap – Automate your cold outreach with enriched lists and email warm ups!

Press Jockey – Monitor and manages in-bound press requests automatically – giving you the ability to pitch more and save time.

Nifti CRM – An expansive CRM that allows you to customize every step of your customer journey and pipelines. Automate your processes with customizable workflows too!

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