AI, Universal Basic Income, Microsoft’s AI Moves, & AI’s Role in Cancer Research

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This Week’s Insights 📰 

Will AI Lead to Universal Basic Income?

Professor Geoffrey Hinton, aka the “godfather of AI,” says the government should dish out universal basic income (UBI) because AI is set to snatch up mundane jobs. He told BBC Newsnight that while AI boosts productivity, the extra cash ends up with the rich, leaving job losers high and dry. Hinton, a former Google genius, warns that unregulated AI could become a real-life sci-fi nightmare. He even suggested something like the Geneva Conventions to keep AI from going rogue, but fears nasty stuff will happen first.

Microsoft Back in the AI Race

Microsoft is ready to shake things up in Redmond with new Surface devices featuring Qualcomm’s Arm-based chips. These power-efficient processors are in line dethrone Intel’s decades-long reign in the PC market, paving the way for AI-driven applications like Microsoft’s Copilot. With OpenAI in its corner, Microsoft is racing ahead in the AI arena, leaving rivals like Alphabet scrambling to catch up. This move comes just before their annual developer conference, setting the stage for more groundbreaking announcements. As Qualcomm’s exclusivity on Windows devices ends, the competition among chip designers is about to heat up.

AI as the New Sidekick in the Fight Against Cancer

A recent review in Nature Reviews Cancer argues that understanding AI’s potential and limitations is crucial in the fight against cancer. It introduces AI models like artificial neural networks, deep learning, and large language models, showcasing their advancements and applications in cancer research. The review’s goal is to guide non-computational cancer biologists, illustrating how AI can accelerate research and uncover patterns invisible to the human eye. As AI becomes a ubiquitous tool in oncology, this knowledge is fast becoming a necessity for researchers in the field.

10k Steps a Day Might Be the Biggest Marketing Lie

Think you need 10,000 steps a day to stay healthy? Think again! That magic number was just a clever marketing trick by a Japanese company that wanted to sell pedometers, “perhaps because the Japanese character for 10,000 kind of looks like a person walking/running.” Research shows you can still get health benefits with way fewer steps. So, next time your fitness tracker nags you, just remember: it’s quality, not quantity. Aim for 8,000 if you can, but even 2,500 will do the trick. This marketing gimmick turned into common wisdom shows how easy it is for a catchy idea to become a widespread belief, even without solid scientific backing. Get moving, but don’t stress about hitting that big 10K.

Is Google’s Latest Update a Traffic Killer?

Last week, Google shook up search results big time. Now, instead of just showing links, most searches will have an AI box at the top that summarizes info from around the web. Google says this will give users faster and better answers without needing to click on a bunch of sites. But content marketers and journalists are worried. If people get all their info right on the search page, will they still visit websites? What happens to ad revenue and affiliate marketing?

Google claims these AI Overviews will send more traffic to a variety of sites, but experts aren’t so sure. They think click-through rates might drop since users won’t need to visit sites for answers. Rachel Vandernick from The Vander Group thinks glitches in the new system might keep people using traditional search results out of skepticism. Amerrica Duggan-Torbert from East Tennessee State University says traffic might take a hit, but being a source for AI summaries could boost credibility. As AI gets more involved in search, having high-quality content will be key. Content creators need to get creative, use more videos and images, and always think about their human audience. This is a big change, but it’s just another twist in the ever-changing world of SEO and content marketing.

AI Lab Visual Vault 🖼️

Use Case: Released back in March, Midjourney’s style reference upgrade zeroed in on style precision and kept non-style junk out of your images. Plus, the weight parameter (–sw) got a major boost, making it more effective with a bigger range.

What are style references again?

Style references let you mimic the style of another image or keep a consistent look across many images. It’s like image prompts but focuses solely on the style.

How do I use it again?

To use a style reference, type –sref URL after your prompt with a URL to an image. To increase the style’s influence, set the style weight (–sw) closer to 1000. To dial it back, move it closer to 0 (default is 100). You can even add multiple style references.

Here’s a quick, fun example using a crayon drawing as a reference. If you haven’t tried it in a while, give it another go and have a blast with it!

Tools We Used This Week 🧰

Jasper AI – Last week, Cailin DeCort joined us on our AI Unplugged Mastermind to talk about some of the latest features and give us a preview of what’s to come! We’re super excited about the possibilities with Jasper. 

Gamma – This week Gamma’s CEO Grant Lee, is joining us on our AI Unplugged Mastermind to discuss creating presentations with Gamma and some of his favorite AI use cases.

ChatGPT’s Desktop App – Big news! ChatGPT’s desktop app for macOS, available to both free and paid users, has started rolling out. This app integrates seamlessly with your workflow. Just hit Option + Space to ask ChatGPT anything instantly. Plus, you can take and discuss screenshots right in the app. Give it a spin!

ChatGPT's new desktop app asking what the weather is in Massena, NY

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