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MasterChef on Twitter

MasterChef on TwitterIf you’re not yet doing so I highly recommend following MasterChef on Twitter.  The culinary smash hit does an amazing job building their presence on the real-time information network which quickly shares updates with their followers.  As part of their Twitter campaign they use a # (hashtag) marking the keyword #masterchef, driving people to categorize their messages about the program and helping them show up more easily in the Twitter search and Trending Topics.

MasterChef on TwitterThis season’s contestants also have their Twitter handles embroidered on their aprons, each with @MC3 (for MasterChef Season 3) followed by the contestant’s first name.  As mentioned in a previous article I published, Custom Twitter Shirts, Twitter handles on clothing and swag is a great way to increase engagement and followers.

After weeks of intense culinary competition in the MasterChef kitchen, only 3 remain standing:



MC3JoshuaWhile all three finalists are fabulous, I totally want Christine to win.  She’s the first blind contestant in the history of MasterChef and a true inspiration to others that they can do anything they put their mind to including cooking blind in a high level competition.   If the winner of the show was based on the highest number of Twitter followers, Christine would blow the other two away with a sizzling 18,550 followers (Becky has 6,858 and Josh has 9,915).

Stay tuned for the two-part season finale with the next episode airing Tuesday, September 4th, at 9/8c on Fox.  Let us know in the comments below who you think will win and stay current with real-time updates of MasterChef on Twitter.  Go #teamchristine!

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