Mary Beth Pie Co.

With the waves crashing outside the window, I’m reminded of the value and power of going with nature. If you don’t you can really get pummeled like I did when I went surfing. Human nature is a powerfual force of nature that can drive you to make decisions that risk physical and fiscal safety. Hybrid Mom Allison introduced me via a phone call to Mary Beth Evans, soap actress and pie company owner. We met with the goal of creating a strategy for the success of her business.

Mary Beth Evans and I started our conversation on focusing on her ultimate vision for her life, then addressed why she started baking in the first place. The seed that grew into the business was the desire for Mary Beth to invite you all into her world by sharing a warm piece of pie, just like grandma would have made. Williams Sonoma was more than happy to pick up a piece of pie for themselves as well. They are a reputable company with a large network for distribution. Mary Beth could share that conduit of love we call pie with so many more now.

The truth of Williams Sonoma is that they private labeled her pies so with their own name and had a much larger profit margin than Mary Beth. To truly convey the feeling around pie that was originally desired it seems that a community and website where Mary Beth can directly interact with her fans and customers is the way that will being her back to the reason she started this pie business in the first place.

Mary Beth is an actress and wants to do that job, she does it well and loves it. A fan based community made more intimate through pie may be just the recipe that she is looking for.

Please stay tuned for updates as Mary Beth and I work together to determine the best path to her vision. This story will play out here and