Marketing Strategy Part 2

salty waffle stairs of marketingToday we spent the entire day planning the small steps that it’s going to take to get us where we want to go. This site is going to take a few months to properly build out, we greatly appreciate your nurturing tweets and Fshares along the way.

After doing our annual calendar, complete with monthly themes, we then broke it down into smaller themes for each week.Each week then takes on a rhythm of content. For example we could have Marketing Mondays, and Tech Tuesdays. All the while making sure that each post maintains a consistent voice that sounds Salty and contains key words that we wish to be found for.

Then on a daily basis we discusses how our readers might like to receive their content and at what pace. Please tell us if we are wrong! If we do too much or too little. Let us know, we are happy to adjust.

Little by little, we will write, distribute, measure the results and do it all again, every single day. If this sounds like a lot, even too much for you, we can do it for your business too! We will dig the moat around your business while you build the fortress. That’s the Salty Waffle.

Does it matter who’s in the Mickey Mouse costume if he always acts just like Mickey should?