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Marketing Monday | Waffle Boxing? Throw a Little Guerrilla In

A couple weeks ago, the Salty Waffle Team gathered in the flesh for the first time ever. As we were eating waffles, yes literally we had delicious waffles to start the day, we started to talk about different trade shows and places that we plan to be this year and how to attract people once there. Ideas kept building until at one point something was suggested about a giant salt shaker in a boxing match with a giant waffle. I even volunteered, perhaps prematurely, to don a waffle costume should one be provided.

Anyhow, the more reasonable ideas were along the lines of cooking waffles and using their delicious smell to lure those in the vicinity to us. But, I may be wearing a waffle yet. During my time as a Resident Adviser I was lucky enough to be able to try out some really interesting ways of advertising for our programs. The ones that always worked were the ones that left them asking for more.

The classic posters with all the details never worked great so I took a more guerilla style. I laminated giant feet on the floor for an Avatar program, hung giant glowing eyes, or cardboard guitars, anything that was outside the norm or even slightly interactive.

It never failed, in their quest to find out what was going on, they would actually end up seeking out the information I was trying to give them. The idea was to stay fresh, make them ask questions, and engage.

Try putting a little guerrilla into your next marketing effort or event. Give them something to talk about and remember for the stories they will come back and tell to friends and family. Have fun with it,  be creative, and keep your eyes peeled for a giant Salty Waffle in a neighborhood near you soon.