Make Check Out A Breeze For Your Retail Business

Making it easy to purchase items online is critical in the success of any retail business. Customers love it when checking out is a painless operation. The problem with a lot of sites I visit is the process feels like rocket science. There is nothing more that ticks me off than wanting to spend my hard earned money on something, and then getting stuck on exactly how to do it. Buying stuff online ain’t rocket science, so lets take a look at a few ways you can increase your shopping cart success rate!business, retail, check out, e-commerce, social, media, social media

1 Page Wonder

The easiest way to increase sales is to make your check out a 1 page process. Layout everything the customer needs to know and fill out in an aesthetically pleasing format to make it quick and easy.

Shipping Times and Discounts

Put the estimated shipping time to give the buyer a better understanding of when they will receive it. Offering different shipping options to get it there faster or discounts on shipping multiple items is a great way to build your invoice. You’d be amazed by the amount of people that will pay more to get it faster.

Return Shipping

Giving the satisfaction guarantee that if the item is not exactly as described, they have the opportunity to return it. Clearly write out who pays for return shipping and if it’s a money back guarantee, or store credit. Customers feel more comfortable and will purchase more if they have this safety net.

Turn your check out page into the most visited page on your website! Using these tips will make sure more customers will follow thru with the purchase once they get there. Now that’s business.