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Level Up: Strategies to Improve Your CX

Welcome back to another edition of Salty Waffle Social Media Vocabulary, where we cover everything from hashtags to brand strategies and how they relate to CX.

As previously discussed, CX is now an integral part of branding. Accordingly it should top your list when creating your brand identity and marketing strategy. Continuing our series on CX (after all, that’s our jam), we’re discussing some approaches and considerations to improve your CX.

CS > CX > Brand Identity
We’ve covered the relationship between CX/CS and branding in the past, but it’s worth repeating. In several respects your products and services are only as good as the post-sales support. Let’s say your company produces one of the most cutting-edge mobile phones on the market: of course you will likely still push thousands of units, but if you lack and product support word will get around quickly and ultimately diminish your potential sales. Remember: CS is a part of CX, and CX is a part of the product. Look no further than Apple’s tech support or Amazon’s CS for stellar examples of top-notch CX in action.

Be Accessible
The available means of communication are as varied as your customers: phone, email, and social media are now the minimum for communicating with your customers. Not all customers are comfortable communicating via phone, and not all customers are on the most popular social media platform. Make any and all means available for your customers to feel heard.

Consistent Voice, Applied Consistently
Across marketing and social, creating a consistent tone ensures that your customers know what to expect when interacting with your brand–and in the case of troubleshooting CS, predictability is a good thing. This doesn’t mean you can’t do some disruptive marketing, it just means that your foundation should have some consistency.

Establish Protocols for Communication, Escalation, and Resolution.
Establishing protocols is the best way to create consistency. Even if you’re a small team or a startup, have established processes makes your customers feel like your company has got it together. However don’t let your protocols supplant opportunities for S&D.

Design the Experience End-to-End
From unboxing to troubleshooting support, design every interaction with your customers with the CX in mind. We walk our clients through a Customer Journey Map to help them plot and understand every point of contact with their customers, which allows us to highlight areas for improvement.

At Salty Waffle we create strategies to plot and understand your CX, which in turn can strengthen your brand and ultimately your customer relationship. If you want help stepping up your CX game, contact us and let’s chat.