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Les Schwab: A Truly Customer Focused Company

If you are lucky enough to live in the Pacific-Northwest, you know that the outdoors is one of the greatest things about being here. There is snowboarding, camping, hiking, skiing, climbing, windsurfing, wakeboarding…the list goes on and on. With all the rough terrain around, it is lucky we have Les Schwab to take care of the cars that get us to all those beautiful places.

entrepreneur, business This summer alone I have taken cars in three separate times. I was charged one of those times. One time I had an alternator checked, once a tire rotation, and the last time, a new battery put in. For all of that, all I paid was the cost of the new battery.

Les Schwab has a habit of providing high-quality, free services to customers they know will come back to purchase tires, batteries, brakes, and the rest. They have made themselves a place that you can rely on to be fair and trustworthy in an industry that always has people watching their back.

When you take your car in, they literally come running to provide the best service and it is known across the Pacific Northwest that whatever the problem, they will find a way to help you out.

Les Schwab was founded in 1952 and the power of the reputation they have developed since is immense. What a great way to market! Our hope is that Salty Waffle will one day have the same reputation in the world of social media. We are starting to build relationships and see results. We also know that there are a ton of your great companies and start-up projects out there that are truly focused on the customer like Les Schwab is. We can help you tell them about it and build a community like the one that makes Les’ the go to place for this corner of the nation.

Putting the customer at the center is always the way to go, thanks Les’, my car and its new battery and freshly rotated tires got me all up and down California, missed you down there though, the rest of the country doesn’t know what they are missing.