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Is Twitter Telling Us It’s The End Of The World?

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Wish I would have tweeted more...#raptureregrets

Not even going to answer that, too messy. However, social media is reacting strongly to the idea that tomorrow might be the end of the world and the rapture event certain ancient texts speak of. If you’ve been following Twitter this evening, you might have noticed a few trending hashtags regarding the ‘rapture’.

Whether you believe it or not, get in on the conversation with one of these hashtags, it’s lively!

  1. #rapture
  2. #iftheworldendsonsaturday
  3. #endoftheworldconfessions
  4. #elfindelmundo
  5. #raptureregrets
  6. #wewewesoexcited
  7. #endoftheworld
  8. #Y2K